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Pediatric Bundle (3 CEUs)

Published by Ohio Physical Therapy Association
and co-sponsored by Arizona Physical Therapy Association

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Programs Included in this Bundle
  1. The Pediatric Thrower: From Risk to Rehab
    This course will look into specific evaluation techniques that are unique to the pediatric overhead athletes. We will then look at the progression of interventions for the overhead athlete including the core, lower extremity, and upper extremity.
    Eric Bellm, PT, DPT, OCS

    Orthopedic Clinical SpecialistEric Bellm is a physical therapist within the Orthopedic and Sports Division of Cincinnati... Read More

    This seminar includes the following components:
    • The Pediatric Thrower: From Risk to Rehab - Video
    • The Pediatric Thrower: From Risk to Rehab - Paper


  2. The Roles of Physical and Occupational Therapy in a Pediatric Chronic Pain Rehabilitation Program
    This session is focused on various physical and occupational therapy treatment methods in regards to pediatric chronic pain. In addition, frequently encountered pain diagnoses and specific treatment suggestions will be reviewed. The speaker will provide brief background information on adolescent chronic pain, treatment methods (both typical and atypical), integration of a biopsychosocial approach, and discuss specific application of techniques. Common physical, emotional, and social barriers that arise with treatment of this population will be introduced and strategies to overcome these barriers will be discussed. Case studies will be incorporated to support concepts and information discussed. Finally, outcome measures commonly used for pediatric chronic pain will be introduced for therapists to utilize in treatment sessions.

    Upon completion of this course, participants will:

  3. Gain an understanding of common chronic pain diagnoses.
  4. Be able to identify helpful therapy interventions for patients with chronic pain.
  5. Be able to identify biopsychosocial barriers and skills that therapists can utilize in sessions to facilitate activity level.
  6. Better understand how to apply treatment skills to clinical care using case examples.
    Heidi Kempert, PTA

    Heidi Kempert is a physical therapist assistant who graduated from Kent State University in 2009. She has worked with the... Read More

    This seminar includes the following components:
    • Chronic Pain - Handout
    • Chronic Pain - Video Presentation


  7. Youth & Adolescent Baseball Throwers

    The youth and adolescent overhead athlete can often times be complicated due to the vast array of age-specific injuries and the rehabilitative care needed to return to sport. This course will give the rehabilitative specialist specific understanding concerning what age-related injuries occur in the younger baseball athlete. More specifically, the attendee will be able to identify these particular injuries and their associated risk factors, objective measures that are specific to the young baseball athlete, sport-specific rehab, injury prevention standards, and guidelines for return to sport in a safe and progressive manner. 

    Ryan Monti, PT, DPT

    As a board-certified clinical specialist in Sports Physical Therapy, Dr. Monti has extensive experience working with a... Read More

    This seminar includes the following components:
    • Copy of Slide Deck
    • Copy of Presentation

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